The $167M in Metro funding each year for the next 10 years allows for Metro to stabilize and address deficiencies. It does not bring us to a world-class transit system seated next to the epicenter of global power. We still need transit advocates to help get us there.
— Leslie Milano

transportation that leverages technology

Transportation issues affect every aspect of our lives, from our time to our air quality to our safety.  Our major commuting arteries are clogged with traffic, and present safety hazards during rush hour with poor signage for reversible lanes. 

As a Delegate, Leslie will:

  • Along with key partners, and given our close proximity to the nation's capital, invest in a world class transit system for our area. Work with our federal representatives to argue for increased federal funding given that 40% of riders are federal employees. 
  • Ensure proper oversight for public agencies, and provide strong constituent services when dealing with the State Highway Administration.
  • Work to ensure that we do not expand I-495 or I-270 into super-highways or toll roads with exorbitant, fluctuating fees, but instead prioritize reversible lanes with high-tech signage for state roads.
  • Work to promote solutions with pollution-cutting technologies, such as electric buses, and safety features such as High Intensity Activated crossWalk (HAWK) signals. 
  • Promote a smart-growth approach for communities that prioritizes pedestrian safety, bike paths, and safer streets.
  • Lay the groundwork for partnerships with ride-sharing companies to bring people from their houses to Metro hubs, which will dramatically reduce the number of cars on the road and increase our air quality.