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Sustainable Economic Growth that Works for Everyone

By every account, Montgomery County's economic growth rate is sluggish. This news should be a concern to every MoCo resident. Montgomery County saw just 19 businesses open their doors in 2016, and we currently have 27,000 job openings without the trained workforce to fill the jobs.  At a state level, our debt was our fastest-growing line item in our 2018 budget. 

Leslie has a 3-tiered economic plan to address these issues at a state level:

  1. At the Community level: Smart Growth for communities like Forest Glen AND WHEATON in partnership with the county council.

  2. aT THE cOUNTY LEVEL: Growing Small Businesses SUSTAINABLY, and Laying the Foundation FOR creatING a Tech and Finance hub throughout Montgomery County

  3. AT A STATE-WIDE LEVEL: Investing in Renewable Energy