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Prioritizing Seniors

Seniors are living longer, and we want to help them stay in their homes. "Aging in place" is a goal that is achievable in Maryland with the right investment in home health and the assurance that we don't tax seniors out of their homes.  

As a Delegate, Leslie will:

  • Work to stabilize and lower health insurance rates targeting an overall decrease in insurance and prescription drug costs
  • Prioritize more accessible public transit with subsidized ride-sharing options from door to Metro. 
  • Invest in home healthcare so that seniors can stay in their homes longer.
  • Incentivize programs like the Village program that keep seniors connected to their neighbors and ensure seniors are not isolated in our communities.
  • Work to expand the corporate tax base by laying the groundwork for sustainable economic growth in our county and state, so that working families and seniors are not taxed out of their homes.