In the entire United States, there are only 5 offshore wind turbines, and they are in Rhode Island. We have an opportunity to make Maryland the greenest state on the East Coast. Let’s model ourselves after Europe, and bring true environmental leadership to the U.S.
— Leslie Milano


Economic growth and protecting our environment are not incompatible.  Investing in renewable energy, such as wind and solar, will grow the economy, bring new jobs, and establish a diversified revenue stream for the state. 

Maryland currently uses less than 5% wind and solar energy. and purchases a significant amount of energy from out-of-state. We have an enormous opportunity to invest in renewable energy, increase production at home, use more Maryland-produced energy, and sell our surplus to surrounding states.

As a Delegate, Leslie will:

  • Hit the accelerator on our offshore wind turbine partnerships.
  • Support the Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Act alongside colleagues, which expands renewable energy in Maryland, creates green jobs in economically depressed communities.
  • Work with the agricultural industry and poultry farmers in finding solutions to reduce toxins and pesticides that are polluting our air and pouring into the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Promote solutions to reduce air pollution, including phasing out waste incineration as a tier one energy source.
  • Lead the charge for investment in clean transportation, like electric buses.
  • Help create a new narrative in Annapolis where we re-frame environmental issues using an economic lens, not just a moral lens. In doing so, we'll build broader support for strong bills targeting clean air, clean water, and a reduction in greenhouse gases.